Configuration of the docker image

The sproof API client can be configured based on your needs. The configuration must be specified in the data/config.js file before the docker image is run. An example file as well as an explanation of all configuration parameters are provided below.

Example configuration file

The following is an example configuration file (also available in the sproof-api-client respository). It contains a sample configuration which requires only setting your sproof code (see below) and can be readily used without further changes in most common setups. The parameters are explained below.

    port: 6001
  commit: {
    //time: '13:13',
    interval: 10

  validateOnlyConfirmedIssuers: true,

  sproof: {
    sproofPremium: true,
    uri: '',
    credentials: {
      sproofCode: 'YOUR SPROOF CODE'

    chainId: '3',
    chain: 'ethereum',
    version: '0.42',


There are three types of parameters - mandatory profile-related parameters, network-related parameters and blockchain-related parameters.