Create your sproof profile

In order to use the sproof infrastructure, a profile is required. Creating a profile is simple and consists of the following steps:

Create a new account

Visit to create your account. Each account will be associated with a profile.

Back up your sproof-code

Export your sproof-code in the Settings page ( after signup. Please note that it is very important that you download and back up your sproof-code. It cannot be replaced or restored if it gets lost, unless you (the account owner) have a backup of it.

Get started

You are now ready to get started and use sproof. sproof provides a free testnet (sproof networks) for developers for testing purposes. You can change the network in the Settings page ( as well as in all configuration files.

Regardless of whether you just want to test sproof or integrate it right away, you can find your next steps here: Integrate sproof into an existing application.